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One of my goals is to try and photograph every bird in Australia, its waters and its territories and along the way I have so far photographed in Florida, Costa Rica, Fiji, New Zealand, Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea. Any money raised from the sale of my photographs or products will be donated to Australian Wildlife Conservancy as I think that an organization that is buying up Cattle and Sheep Stations fencing and destocking and returning them back to there natural state and reintroducing native Flora and Fauna into those areas and doing an immense amount of research are going to give my children and grand children great pleasure and fulfillment for the future.

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Jennifer L. on January 19, 2013 about 2009 (Week 1) Soela Seamount Pelagic

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Simon Mustoe on March 29, 2010 about 2009 (Week 1) Soela Seamount Pelagic

Steve, I've been feeling guilty for ages about not getting back to you. Thanks for your words on the pelagic last year. It was actually your paper that inspired me to do it. In fact, we're off again next week...this time hoping to coincide with some of the more interesting summer birds down there. Hoping a better chance for Pygmy Right Whale as well. Best, Simon.

Steve B. on July 26, 2009 about 2009 (Week 1) Soela Seamount Pelagic

It was very interesting to read your trip report - did a similar trip in 1985 on the old CSIRO research ship "Soela" to this location. The birds seem to still be similar in terms of abundance. See my paper in EMU (Vol 86 pp 239-244). Cheers, Steve Blaber.,

Pommie Birder's Wife on July 17, 2009 about 2009 (Week 1) Soela Seamount Pelagic

Congratulations on a great trip report - it sounds like a very interesting and rewarding trip.